Brass Craft

Lives of man become easy with the discovery of metals as the metal products proved to be such a great help for them that they successfully completed some impossible tasks. Pakistan is well known for its beautiful brass craft, which covers a wide range of products, ranging from decoration items to utility ware. Pakistan, in fact, is one of the largest brass makers in the world. The art of brass craft has been practiced for almost 5 million years, say historians.

What is Brass?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. A diverse range of brass can be created simply by varying the proportion of these two ingredients. Brass has a yellow color that is somewhat similar to gold. It is also fairly resistant to tarnishing Brass craft objects can have two types of finishes: highly polished and antique polished. Highly polished brass handicrafts are bright and shiny. Antique polished brass craft items have an older appearance and are not shiny.

Brass Handicraft Maintenance

Brass craft items should not be cleaned with ammonia based cleaner, as this causes tarnishing. They should be cleaned with a gentle soap and warm water and wiped with a soft dry cloth.

If the brass handicraft tarnishes despite having refrained from using ammonia based cleaners, it is possibly steel plated. Confirm with the help of a magnet. If the magnet sticks, it confirms the presence of iron. The tarnish is then most probably rusted. This is to be cleaned with steel wool.

A brass cleaner can also be used for cleaning brass craft items. Thereafter, the object must be sprayed with clear liquor paint.